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Is opening your eyes first thing in the morning one of your least favorite activities? Do you feel as if you have sandpaper in your eye after a long day's computing? You may be suffering from a common (but far from trivial) problem known as dry eye syndrome. Chronically dry eyes can be both irritating and potentially damaging. Fortunately, relief is as close at hand as the San Antonio dry eye experts at Alamo Eye Care.

Woman rubbing her eyesWhat Causes Dry Eye Syndrome?

Dry eye syndrome occurs due to one of two scenarios: either your eyes don't create enough tears, or the tears your eyes create don't contain the right mix of ingredients. The tear film is supposed to consist of three layers -- a mucous layer next to the eye, a water layer on top of the mucous layer, and an outermost oil layer. When the oil is missing from the mix, the water underneath evaporates too quickly, drying out the eye. But both scenarios produce the same irritating symptoms, including:

  • Eye redness, itching or pain
  • A gritty or "foreign body" feeling in the eye
  • Dried mucous deposits around the eye
  • Watery eyes (the body's effort to make up for too-rapid evaporation)
  • Blurring of vision

Underlying Conditions, Problems, and Dangers

When insufficient oil produces dry eye, the underlying cause is usually a blockage or other failure in the meibomian glands -- tiny glands inside the eyelid that add oil to tears. Insufficient tear volume can have a number of possible causes. The most common of these is dryness related to aging. Other possibilities include medication usage, an autoimmune disease such as Sjogren's syndrome, contact lenses that promote dryness, windy climates, or the slowed rate of blinking encouraged by extended computer usage.

Dry eye isn't just uncomfortable; it can also prove dangerous. Over time, the lack of protection and hydration can make your corneas vulnerable to injury and infection. If the corneas become significantly scarred, your vision could be impaired for life.

Detection and Treatment at Our Optometry Center

Regular eye exams at our optometry center are a perfect opportunity to catch any signs of dry eye syndrome. If you already show symptoms, we can evaluate your tear film, work habits, and the environment. This enables us to prescribe the right combination of eye drops, medications, medical recommendations, specialized contact lenses, and lifestyle adjustments to help keep your eyes healthy and comfortable.

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