Computer Vision

Computer Vision Syndrome

Many of us use computers and other digital devices daily. While technology offers so many benefits, it does present certain challenges, as well. Computer vision syndrome is a modern day health issue which our San Antonio optometry team diagnoses and manages in patients of all ages¬≠.

Man with computer vision.

What is Computer Vision Syndrome?

Computer vision syndrome is also known as digital eye strain. It occurs following prolonged use of a computer or other digital device; it's almost like an overuse injury to the eye.

This syndrome happens due to a variety of factors associated with computer use:

  • We tend to blink less while we're using computers; blinking is necessary to replenish the moisturizing and protective tear film which normally covers the outer surface of our eyes. Depending on how far away the screen is from our face, we may also be staring at objects too close up, which can add further eye strain.
  • We frequently scan our eyes back and forth while reading on a computer, playing games, watching videos, etc., which forces our eyes to continually refocus. 
  • Bright lights and glare from overhead lights and the screen can cause eye sensitivity.
  • Computer screens emit high energy blue light, which can deeply penetrate the eye and overtime lead to damage to the retinas. 
  • The effects of uncorrected vision problems are magnified under the constraints of computer use.

Symptoms of Computers Vision

You may be experiencing computers vision if you have the following symptoms after computer use: 

  • Tired, dry, and fatigued eyes
  • Headaches
  • Blurry vision
  • Neck pain and shoulder pain

While symptoms of computer vision syndrome are generally temporary, they can lead to cumulative effects and worsening symptoms if left unaddressed. This is particularly in the case of blue light exposure, which may increase a person's risk of certain eye diseases such as age-related macular degeneration. 

How Our San Antonio Optometrist Staff Can Help You Manage & Prevent Computers Vision

Our San Antonio optometrist staff wants you to enjoy computer use safely! In addition to pointing out symptoms of computer vision, we can diagnose underlying vision problems and prescribe contact lens or glasses (with optional anti-glare coating) for better overall vision.  We can also make ergonomic recommendations to improve the safety of your computer use. For instance:

  • Reduce glare.
  • Keep your computer screen at least an arm's distance away from you.
  • Take more frequent breaks.

Protect Your Eyes Against Computer Vision with Help from the Team at Alamo Eye Care

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