SMap3D Scleral Lenses

SMap3D Scleral Lenses

SMap3D Scleral Lenses

​​​​​​​SMap3D Scleral Lenses Made Just For You!

Dr. Frogozo offers the most advanced technology available to accurately fit scleral contact lenses in patients with keratoconus, ocular surface disease (dry eye), and high prescriptions. The revolutionary sMap3D instrument provides up to 1 million points within an accuracy of 10 microns to design a custom-fitting lens for each patient.

The mapping process is non-invasive and captures three images of your eye that allows for a full range of designs and customization options for fitting unique eye shapes.

Even if you couldn’t wear contact lenses before, or if you need a bifocal prescription, ask about the revolutionary new sMap3D technology.

Your SMap3D-designed scleral lenses will offer:

  • Comfort

  • Hydration

  • Sharp Vision

  • …and they are made JUST FOR YOU

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