Myopia Management

Myopia Management Provided by Our San Antonio Optometrist

Myopia is an issue that affects people of all ages, and it's becoming more of a problem for people under the age of 40 than ever before. It can affect your ability to drive and play sports. At Alamo Eye Care, serving San Antonio, TX, and the surrounding area, our eyecare expert can pair you with corrective lenses to help you see clearly far away. 

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Definition of Myopia 

Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is when you have difficulty seeing objects at a distance. This eye condition can occur because of how light reflects on your retina. When light enters the eye, it ends up focusing in front of the retina rather than on it. In some cases, it stems from the curvature of your cornea and/or lens. You may have a combination of both. Typically, it starts during childhood. 

Diagnosing Myopia

Optometrists like the one at our office begin your appointment with a comprehensive eye exam that can detect myopia. During this portion of your appointment, they will ask you to look into lenses. You have to read the letters you see, and based on which line you can read, our eye doctor will determine the strength of contacts or glasses you need. 

At your exam, our doctor of optometry will shine a light into your eye to detect any refractive errors. We'll also ask you to look at a series of images, and you have to decide which image is clearer. 

Corrective Lens Fitting

Determining the strength of your prescription isn't the only part of your examination. Optometrists also discuss your options for corrective eyewear. You can even choose to have both contacts and glasses. To fit you for contacts, our eye doctor will have you look into a special device that determines the dimensions of your eye. This ensures the contacts correct your vision adequately and fit comfortably. 

Eyeglass Fitting

An eyeglass fitting consists of our optometrist taking measurements, so the stems of your glasses, as well as the bridge, fit comfortably. 

At this portion of your eye exam, we discuss the options for transition lenses, corrective lenses that darken and lighten based on the level of light outside or inside. You can also discuss with us getting lenses that resist glare, which is ideal if you play outdoor sports or ski. 

Referral for LASIK Surgery 

If you're interested in having LASIK surgery for your myopia, we are able to perform an evaluation to see if you qualify. Then, we can provide you with a referral to a specialist who performs the procedure. 

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