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Comprehensive Eye Exams in San Antonio, TX

If your child's school or your place of work offer free vision screening, it's a nice bonus, but these quick screenings will only tell if you've got the most basic of vision problems. At Alamo Eye Care we offer comprehensive eye exams, which cover all aspects of your vision as well as the physical health of your eyes. We see all ages of patients, from young kids to seniors, and we have experience with treating a wide variety of age-related vision conditions.

Man getting an eye exam in San Antonio, TX.

Types of Vision Exam

Not all vision exams are created equal. In our office, we offer different examinations for different patients, depending on their needs. In most cases, we'll perform a comprehensive vision exam when you come in to get your eyes checked. If you are thinking of getting contact lenses to correct your vision, our optometrist will perform an additional contact lens exam to make sure your lenses are the right size and curvature for your eyeballs. Some patients only have a need for a basic visual acuity test, perhaps for an employment examination. In that case, we're happy to oblige and postpone a full comprehensive exam for another visit.

During an Eye Examination

When you come into our office for a comprehensive eye examination, our optometrist will begin with a visual acuity test, the familiar test using an eye chart to determine whether you need vision correction and what prescription to use if you do. Right afterward she'll do a variety of tests to check the physical workings of your eyes, such as a test for colorblindness and one to determine how well your eyes work together. Using a small flashlight, she'll check how smoothly your eyes move. After these and a number of other physical tests, our optometrist will move on to checking for eye diseases.

Certain eye diseases are more common after the age of 40, but they can appear at any age. Some of the more common ones we check for are:

  • Glaucoma
  • Cataracts
  • Diabetic retinopathy
  • Macular degeneration

All of these diseases can appear and begin to develop without creating any symptoms, making it doubly important for you to get your eyes checked regularly, even if you feel that your eyesight is perfect and you have no problems with your eyes.

Looking for a San Antonio Eye Doctor?

Your vision may be your most important sense, and keeping it healthy is a job that takes constant care. If you or your family members haven't had an eye examination in at least a year, call our office to make an appointment. Reach us at (210) 403-9050 and we'll schedule a convenient appointment today.


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