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How Diabetes Can Affect Your Eye Health

How Diabetes Can Affect Your Eye Health

Over 1 in 10 people in the United States live with a form of diabetes. If you’re among them, paying special attention to your eye health may be as important as eating nutritious foods. 

The chronic disease that affects your blood sugar levels can impact most areas of your body, including your eyes. 

Dr. Melanie Frogozo, Dr. Swati Kumar, and their expert team at Alamo Eye Care in San Antonio and Austin, Texas, diagnose and treat diabetes-related eye conditions to help protect your vision and overall eye health in the long term.

Take a moment to learn more about the link between diabetes and eye health, including ways to lower your risk for severe complications.

How diabetes affects your eyes

When you have diabetes, your body doesn’t produce or use the hormone insulin properly. As a result, high levels of glucose, which is also called blood sugar, can lead to a broad range of problems. Chronically high blood sugar can damage blood vessels and nerves throughout your body — your eyes included.

Because of these issues, diabetes raises your risk for numerous issues and conditions that affect your eyes and vision, including:

Diabetic eye diseases can also lead to blindness. In fact, diabetes makes you 25 times more likely to experience vision loss than someone without diabetes. 

Other severe complications of diabetes-related eye problems include blood vessel hemorrhage and retinal detachment.

What to do about diabetes-related eye problems

A healthy lifestyle and following your doctor-recommended treatment plan can go a long way toward preventing severe eye problems when you have diabetes. 

Helpful lifestyle habits include exercising regularly, eating balanced and nutritious meals, and avoiding or quitting smoking. Most anything that’s good for your heart and cardiovascular system is helpful for your blood sugar levels and eye health, too.

You should also schedule routine eye exams, to help ensure that any eye conditions are detected and treated early on. Given that many diabetic eye problems are progressive, those measures may prevent the most serious complications, such as blindness. 

For the same reasons, contact our office right away if you notice changes in your vision or eye health.

To learn more about diabetes and eye health or to get the care you need, call Alamo Eye Care at 210-428-6696 (San Antonio) or 210-403-9050 (Austin) today. You can also text the team at 210-403-9050 or send us a message through our website.

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