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My Child Squints Often: Do They Need Glasses?

My Child Squints Often: Do They Need Glasses?

You’re watching TV with your child when you notice that they’re squinting when looking at the screen. Then later, as you’re driving, you notice more squinting as your child looks at street signs. Does that mean it’s time for glasses? 

It very well could be. And our team can help. 

Dr. Melanie FrogozoDr. Swati Kumar, and their expert team at Alamo Eye Care in San Antonio, Texas, are pleased to provide eye care for kids of all ages. We can help determine if it’s likely time for glasses.

Causes of squinting in kids

Squinting itself is an attempt to see more clearly. Given that, your child may squint for several different reasons that involve issues with their eyes. 

Common conditions that cause squinting include:

Less commonly, a child may squint as a facial tic without any vision issues.

Signs that your child needs vision correction

Glasses often reduce squinting by improving the underlying vision problem, like nearsightedness or farsightedness. Contact lenses can help in the same way. 

Other signs your child needs corrective lenses may include frequently:

If these issues happen once or twice, it may not be cause for concern. If you notice any one of these signs often, however, poor vision is a probable cause.

Getting the care your child needs

The best way to determine whether or not your child needs glasses is through a comprehensive eye exam. During the exam, one of our specialists runs tests to check for things like blurry, near, or distance vision, and problems with eye alignment. 

If your child does have a vision problem that glasses can help, we fit them for frames with prescription lenses. Once they can see normally with the help of their new glasses vision, squinting should be a thing of the past.

Rather than delay treatment, which can lead to worsening vision problems, call Alamo Eye Care at the location nearest you at 210-469-9744 (San Antonio) or 210-403-9050 (Austin). You can also request an appointment through our website. We also provide routine preventive eye exams to address any vision changes or eye problems early on.

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