What Are SMap3D Scleral Lenses?

What Are SMap3D Scleral Lenses?

What Are SMap3D Scleral Lenses?

Scleral lenses are special contact lenses that sit on the white part of your eye, called the sclera. They are bigger than regular contact lenses. Scleral lenses wrap over the cornea, which is the clear front part of your eye, making them suitable for people with specific eye problems like keratoconus, dry eye, and uneven corneas.


SMap3D technology takes a 360-degree picture of your eye’s surface. This information helps make custom scleral lenses that fit your eye perfectly. SMap3D scleral lenses are more precise and easier to fit than regular ones. They also help you see better, and you can wear them longer.


How SMap3D Scleral Lenses Work


SMap3D scleral lenses make a tear film reservoir between the lens and your eye. The reservoir keeps your eye moist and lubricated, even if you wear the lenses for a long time. The lenses have a wide diameter, so they spread across your sclera evenly, making them more comfortable than old-style scleral lenses. The reservoir also provides essential oxygen to the cornea, keeping the eye healthy during lens wear.


Who Should Wear SMap3D Scleral Lenses?


SMap3D scleral lenses are suitable for people with various eye conditions. These include the following:


  • Keratoconus, which is an unevenly shaped cornea

  • Dry eye syndrome, which causes insufficient tears

  • Corneal irregularities such as scarring or distortion

  • Issues after eye surgery

  • Irregular astigmatism, which leads to blurred vision

  • Giant papillary conjunctivitis, which involves bumps on the eyelid lining


The custom fit and large lens diameter provide comfort and optimal vision correction.


Benefits of SMap3D Scleral Lenses


SMap3D scleral lenses have advantages over old scleral lenses. The 3D scanning and manufacturing process creates a more precise, customized fit for each unique eye shape. This results in better vision correction than traditional scleral lenses.


The large lens diameter and tear film reservoir offer increased comfort and allow longer wear without dryness or irritation. The reservoir also reduces the risk of eye infections by keeping the surface lubricated. Overall, SMap3D scleral lenses represent an improved design over conventional scleral lenses.


Getting Fitted for SMap3D Lenses


To get SMap3D scleral lenses, you need to see an eye doctor specializing in fitting scleral lenses. They will perform a comprehensive eye exam, looking at the front and inside of your eyes. They will then use the SMap3D technology to take a detailed 360-degree scan of your eye’s surface topography. The scan maps the unique topography of your eye and uses it to design custom-fit scleral lenses.


Once they manufacture the lenses, you will return to your eye doctor’s office to try them on and ensure a proper fit. The doctor will show you how to insert and remove the lenses. They will also provide instructions on proper daily cleaning and disinfection to keep your lenses comfortable and infection-free. Proper care prevents infection and keeps lenses comfortable. Always follow your specific eye doctor’s recommendations for lens insertion, removal, and care.


SMap3D scleral lenses, a breakthrough in scleral lens technology, offer custom-fit based on a 3D eye scan. Customization enhances vision clarity, comfort, and wear duration beyond regular scleral lenses.


For more on SMap3D Scleral Lenses, visit Alamo Eye Care at our offices in San Antonio or Austin, Texas. Call or text (210) 403-9050 to schedule an appointment today.

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