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Signs That Your Child Has Myopia

Many children today are getting corrective lenses for nearsightedness. Research suggests almost 50% of school-aged children have myopia.

Are Contact Lenses Safe for Kids?

Eyeglasses are the most common vision correction option, especially for children. However, the last few years have seen a rise in the popularity of contact lenses.

Most Effective Treatments for Dry Eye

Dry eye is a relatively common condition that can be temporary or chronic. It occurs when the eyes fail to produce enough quality tears.

Specialty Contacts vs. Traditional Contacts

Contact lenses are an effective and convenient way to improve vision. People who do not want to wear eyeglasses choose contact lenses to correct their eyesight.

Do You Have Dry Eye or Seasonal Allergies?

Seasonal allergies and dry eye syndrome can confuse eye doctors and patients alike, especially in the absence of clear information. The main reason for the confusion is the similarity of the symptoms and poor recall of the first time the condition occurred. Both conditions cause eye discomfort under similar situations. However, the root causes of the two conditions are different, as are the key symptoms. 

What Is Keratoconus?

A normal cornea will have a smooth and regular curve. Once it loses this shape, you can expect several conditions. For one, the cornea may thin out and bulge outwards, causing the progressive condition called keratoconus.

Why You Should Consider Scleral Lenses if You Have Irregular Corneas

If you like the idea of contact lenses but haven’t been an ideal candidate because of your irregular corneas, you may want to consider scleral lenses. Not only are these specialty contact lenses more comfortable than other types, but they can correct a range of common vision issues...

What Can I Expect During a Comprehensive Eye Exam?

Some 12 million adults over age 40 in the United States have impaired vision. Further, while an estimated 93 million adults are at high risk for severe vision loss, only about half of them have visited an eye doctor within the past year...

Why Diabetics Are Susceptible to Blindness

Tending to your eye health is important for everyone. If you’re among the 11.3% of people in the United States who are living with diabetes, however, doing so is especially important...

Control Myopia Symptoms With Specialty Contact Lenses

If you’re one of the 30% of people worldwide who struggle to see clearly from a distance, there’s hope to be had. Medically known as myopia, help for nearsightedness can come from a variety of treatments. If you’re fortunate enough to have access, you can kiss blurry vision goodbye...

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